Dentistry Marketing Consultant and Management

'We provide marketing oversight & vendor management for maximum growth'

Establish a Clear Marketing Agenda
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Managed Dental Marketing

Remote "In-House" Manager

Singular responsability and accountability for growth and marketing objectives, budget allocation, and technology implimentation. Your dedicated manager will always be available and timely like a real team-member giving you the confidence to keep pushing forward.

Vendor Management

Don't be sold on a vendor, we utilize the best approach accross multiple platforms. Because we deal with multiple vendors,  we also get you the best rates and accomplish objectives on a priorty timeline.



Hiring An Expert To Manage Your Internet Marketing Is A Must

Case Study

Chesterfield Valley Dental

Chesterfield Valley Dental spent thousands of dollars a month on more than 8 vendors making it hard to know what was and what was not working. Self-Managing these vendors ultimately resulted in the best salesman giving them the strategy to follow.

CVD hired Regenerative Marketing to establish a clear agenda, properly allocate a marketing budget, and manage vendors. Developing an organizational strategy, Regenerative Marketing holds each vendor accountable to their objectives, budgets, and timelines.

Here is the 6 month result compared Year over Year.

  • +16% Net Production
  • -2% Hours Worked by Dentist
  • +22% New Patients
  • -32% Attrition
  • +1,061% ROI on Marketing

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'We provide marketing oversight & vendor management for maximum growth'

Common Questions and Answers

Q. Why not have my office manager keep up with my digital marketing?

A. Your office manager's profession is to manage the office, as digital marketing professionals, we keep our heads in the industry, know what works for you, how to get the best prices, and ultimately to grow your practice -it's our job.

Q. How much does this cost?

A. 1 average patient value more that covers our fees, which are straight forward. Because we are incentivized on growth, this is typically at no cost to you.

For example: current new patients/month 12. You hire us and now you are averaging 18 NP/ month. You gained 6 new customers for the cost of one.

Q. I have various vendors that I like and want to keep, are you going to replace everything?

A. If you like them, they are professional and we'd be happy to work with them on your behalf.

Q. Why would I hire you rather than a traditional agency?

A. We work as a "general contractor" getting you the best of every agency out there. You aren't choosing not to have services done, our goal is to add missing pieces and reduce low performing elements to make the complete effort a success.

Q. What services do you offer?

A. While we have expertise in many online platforms, we work on your beehive to hire agencies with the services you need. The marketing plan and relationship with the vendors is part of your business that you get to keep.

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